Our Activities

An area that has remained intact for millennia and brought back to its full and fascinating dimension, baptized "The Water Park of Venice". 


To observe the birds, immerse themselves in their environment and discover rites and habits, getting excited in front of what they could not imagine seeing.

The Venice Lagoon is at the center of one of the main migratory routes between Europe and Africa, in Italy it is the most important wetland for the wintering of waterfowl species coming from the north.

ATN Laguna Sud accompanies its birdwatchers in the areas of greatest naturalistic interest, sometimes not accessible to the public, such as the Casse di Colmata, areas of great naturalistic value particularly for migratory and wintering birds. 

Environmental education

To bring young people closer to the lagoon and valley environment, stimulate them through the use of the senses, raise awareness of nature, and bring them to the attention of human interventions on this site.

ATN Laguna Sud presents institutions with educational solutions that stand out among the many offers, both for the originality and exclusivity of the places visited, and for the quality, efficiency and guarantees of the services provided and of all the staff employed.

The proposals are aimed at schools of all levels and are divided into boat trips in the southern lagoon of Venice.

Nature photography

From dawn to dusk to delight in capturing moments, to convey emotions through images.

In the silence of the lagoon, from dawn to dusk, for a full immersion with the finger on the camera button to capture and observe the flight of Garzette, Ducks, Grebes and Limicoli.

We offer excursions, which become study days conducted by a renowned professional, to deepen the techniques of nature photography, from the knowledge of the subject to the strategies to be able to approach, from the use of photographic equipment to the tricks and secrets to photograph the animals .

Naturalistic tourism

To enjoy the landscape and its natural elements. To keep alive, through the story, ancient hunting and fishing traditions that contribute, together with the naturalistic aspects, to make great the heritage of the southern lagoon of Venice.

ATN Laguna Sud has studied different itineraries, between the lagoon hinterland and the coasts, ancient bonds that have been lost over the years, and give back to water the function of uniting instead of & eacute; divide, as well as; as for centuries & egrave; occurred in the Venice lagoon..

The proposals are aimed at both individuals and groups and are divided into boat trips in the Venice