Information and Instructions


Fill in the Format

Reservations can be made in person, in writing via email or through the form that you find online on the site Choose your planned excursion and fill out the form in every part, add any useful notes.

Choose payment method

Choose payment method; at the time of acceptance of your reservation a deposit equal to 30% of the amount due for the services requested must be paid.

Consent of Privacy

After having read the conditions of sale and the privacy law, give your consent to the processing of your personal data, only for purposes related to the tourist activity requested.

Send the Format

Send the reservation form. You will receive an automatic response e-mail with a summary of the data provided to ATN Laguna Sud. Acceptance of the reservation is subject to availability of seats and is intended to be finalized with written confirmation and payment of the deposit.

Confirmation of reservation

ATN Laguna Sud, will contact you or send you an e-mail confirming your booking, with all the instructions to make any payments for the deposit and the next balance, which must be done two weeks before departure.