About Us

Atn laguna sud, il parco d'acqua di Venezia

ATN Laguna Sud

Is the tourism promotion and navigation agency of the "Valle Cornio Spa" company. It was established by people who love the lagoon deeply and respect its uniqueness; who can find their way in its intricate labyrinth of canals and islets, because they have grown up in this area, listening to the tales passed down through the generations.

ATN Laguna Sud promotes environmentally friendly tourism, whose main objective is the safeguard and improvement of the lagoon ecosystem and its historical and environmental values.

Naturalistic guide on board illustrates the special naturalistic features of the lagoon and its farms and entertains guest with old tales of fishing and hunting traditions.

Our itineraries are complemented by other service, such as accommodation in exclusive casoni, stops in an enchanting pile dwelling and nature hikes in extremely interesting areas. T

his makes our proposal unique and innovative, giving the tourist an unprecedented view of our land.