"LAGUNA SOUTH: between sandbanks and dunes"


From the fishing valleys to the coast of Pellestrina, to learn about the history and naturalness of the entire lagoon. The itinerary includes a visit to the valley area characterized by the presence of the ancient hunting and fishing lodges, and the morphological structures that distinguish this lagoon landscape such as the salt marshes, the velme and the ghebi.

It seems to be in a hidden corner of the lagoon because here reigns the silence broken only by the flight of birds and the passage of some small fishing boat. You get to the Lido di Pellestrina with the possibility to stop in the homonymous village to observe the beach in continuous erosion and the anthropic interventions put in place for its maintenance like the brushes, or to extend to the natural oasis of Ca 'Roman.

In addition to providing a stop at choice between Pellestrina and Ca 'Roman, the tour includes a visit to a fishing valley to learn how fish breeding is practiced. The described route can be clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the tide.

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TIME TABLES: From 09.00 a.m. To 04.00 p.m. Departures from/and return To CORNIO - CHIOGGIA - VENEZIA


From/To CORNIO  
 Student Euro 24,00
 Accompagnatore Euro 31,00
 Studente Euro 26,00
 Accompagnatore Euro 33,00
 Studente Euro 27,00
 companion Euro 34,00

Teachers: 1 free every 15 paying.




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01 May 2018


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