Sailing along the shallow channels of the Southern Lagoon through salt marshes, past old "casoni" (houses) for hunting and fishing, students will have the opportunity immerse themselves in an environment rich in tradition and history; a testament of the way in which the fisherman used to make their living in the past.

During the itinerary a stop is planned in a "valle da pesca" (fishing farm) to visit acquacultural facilities to learn how fish is farmed.

During this stop, students will have a very particular experience: touching eels…

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from 09.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. or from 01.30 p.m. to 05.30 p.m. - from/to CORNIO.


FROM/TO CORNIO 09.00 a.m./01.00 p.m - 01.30/17.30 p.m.
Student € 16,00
Aide € 23,00

For teacher: 1 free ticket every 15 students


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itinerary (half day)


02 April 2018


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